Our family

Our family

Friday, January 4, 2013

Merry Christmas Baby Max!

Happy four months in heaven Baby Max.
I can't believe it's been four months, feels like a lifetime and it also feels like just yesterday that I held you.
I really missed you over the holidays. Daddy and I made ice candles for you and we are still keeping them lit. I love every little reminder of you, even somthing as simple as a candle.
I kept telling myself that Christmas was just another day....but it was a special day and no matter how many times I tell myself that God had other plans for you, I had plans too...
You should have been with us, Oliver should have a little brother and daddy and I should be having sleepless nights with you. You should be here, smiling and rolling over and delighting us with your little personality and the wonder of who you'll be.
Instead I prayed that you had a good Christmas in heaven and that our loved ones that went before were holding you and loving you. I imagine you growing up in heaven instead of here and I hope that the Grandpas and Grandmas there are taking good care of you.
Merry Christmas
Love you lots,

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