Our family

Our family

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Come on baby Madeline!

I'm actually sitting here having mild contractions, but this has been happening off and on for almost a week now. While I'm only 38 weeks now, this false labour is making me crazy... I wish it would just start or stop already. Also, I'm very anxious to meet this baby and have her safely in my arms. This anxiety is pretty normal I guess, I thought that things would be better after the ultrasound and knowing that the baby seems healthy... It did help a bit, but I'm very aware of all sorts of things that could go wrong and I don't know that that worry will ever go away. Somehow I feel like being able to hold her and see her will help, but I know that I'll still worry. As it is I worry myself sick about Oliver... Andrew often tells me I can't keep him in bubble wrap forever!
Anyways, I've been talking to Maddy and telling her to hurry up... Today I thought I'd try Max, so I told him to tell his little sister to come out and meet us. Maybe that's why she's being so stubborn, she's hanging out with him...

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