Our family

Our family

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Recently we celebrated Thanksgiving, I looked forward to getting together with family and seeing everyone. It was a very busy weekend, but nice.
I've been thinking about all that I'm thankful for. It seems odd to me that I'm even able to be thankful for anything right now. I always wondered how people could keep their faith or their sense of hope after going through a loss like this. I thought that if anything like this ever happened to me, I could see myself seriously questioning my own faith. In actuality it has strengthened my faith and completely changed how I see the world. I'm pretty surprised by this, I thought that I'd be more angry with God and life in general. It's all the more clear to me now that we don't have control over any aspect of our lives. Being angry about the things that we cannot change doesn't help. It is what it is and what we do have control over is how we deal with it. I have to have faith that this was meant to happen how it did, it doesn't mean that I understand it...and it doesn't mean that I have to like it.
I was always thankful for my family, but I am even more so now. This has made me appreciate the gift that every moment is.

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